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Kimchi Starter

Kimchi Starter

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  • KIMCHI STARTER: Make authentic homemade kimchi without the hassle of having to gather all the various spices needed to make it from scratch; Our shelf-stable dry recipe mix is easy to use and easy to enjoy
  • AUTHENTIC: Our Kimchi Starter balances Gochugaru Chiles, rice flour, and traditional spices that can be rubbed onto Napa cabbage or mixed with other vegetables for an authentic flavor experience
  • VEGETARIAN: This product is made without fish sauce or shrimp paste, making delicious kimchi accessible to vegetarians and vegans. 
  • EASY TO USE: Saves time without sacrificing taste or quality; Simply mix at a 1-to-1 water to dry mix ratio with your favorite vegetables, then salt and let it sit for a short period, and voila - you have delicious, homemade kimchi ready to eat or store for later
  • ALL NATURAL: This all-natural dry recipe mix starter was hand-blended with high-quality ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives or additives, so you can enjoy the pure delicious taste of real Korean kimchi
  • We believe that the best way to experience different cultures is through food, and our Global Inspirations mixes are designed to make it easy to enjoy authentic flavors and dishes from the comfort of your own home; With easy-to-follow instructions and pre-measured spices in shaker bottles, you can enjoy the taste of world cuisine without the fuss of sourcing hard-to-find ingredients or spending hours in the kitchen

Details: Fermenting your own kimchi at home is more accessible than ever with this dry mix. Flavorful chiles, miso, ginger, and garlic provide an authentic flavor to banchan recipes that can be otherwise difficult to obtain. 

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